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when it rains, its four [Jul. 24th, 2007|01:33 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]

"Mahirap kasi anak ako, kapatid, tita(tito in my case). Pagod na pagod nakong buhayin ang buhay nyo". Those were Claudine's line in her film, Milan. Okay, I'm fast forwarding a bit but this has been my feeling for the longest time. Me being the eldest in the family with so much responsibility. The Tito part will have to wait until my brother's baby is born. I'm not really complaining but I just need to vent for if I won't do this, I don't know what might happen to me. I also feel that I'm all alone in this situation. I know that my mom and some friends are with me but I still feel helpless. It's so hard that I wanna cry and shout.

Today my mom informed me that she was charged 2.2k for a bounced check. I used her account since I don't have one, and most of the time, landlords prefer post dated checks to avoid fake bills. The broker deposited the check even if I had told her that I'll just give her the money instead. In a way, she has the right to do that, for we didn't coordinate with her regarding our balance. As far as I know, I didn't set aside my obligation. I reminded JM and actually thought of settling everything. This is the kind of person I am, paying my obligations first before my wants. My housemate and best friend, JM, told me before that we no longer owe our broker. I just don't know why I got complacent. Now, I will have to settle that more or less 3k plus the 2.2k charges made against my mother's account. I remember paying for everything last May, because JM had no money. Now, it's back again. I'll be 5k poorer come August 3 because of this incident. Too bad because I'll give more than 10k for my lil bro's 1st installment at school. Sending kids to school cost so much now. How I wish they could finish real soon. The biggest problem is, their future won't even be secured even if they graduate because of the dwindling problem our students are now facing.

I've overcome many obstacles in my life but why am I feeling like this now. I feel teary eyed but they wouldn't come out. It's not just money, it's the stress that these all bring, the plans put on hold because of all this.
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dulot ng libido [Jul. 15th, 2007|02:13 pm]
[mood |refreshedrefreshed]

Ngayon ang unang araw na hindi umulan sa Bora. Sa tingin ko hindi na uulan dahil maaraw na talaga at mainit. Mabuti ito dahil hanggang Martes pa ako dito pero sa totoo lang, gusto ko na rin umuwi dahil wala rin naman magawa dito. Ewan ko ba pero hindi ako umiitim tulad ng iba. Oo, medyo nangitim ako kung ikukumpara sa normal na kulay ko. May alam ba kayong pampahid o produkto para maging iba naman lalo na pag nag swimming ako?

Napansin niyo siguro na Pilipino ang wikang gamit ko sa pagsulat ng lathalang ito. Sumubok na rin ako dati na ipagpatuloy ang ganito pero sadyang may mga salita na hindi natin maiiwasan na isalin sa ingles. Hindi lang dahil mahirap ang spelling kung hindi naman ay nakasanayan na natin ang ganitong pamamaraan. Kadalasan nga ay mali na ang ating paggamit na para bang nalimutan na ang napag aralan noong tayo'y nasa elementarya pa lamang. Darating rin siguro ang panahon na mas sanay nang magsalita ng ingles ang mga bata at ang sariling wika ay magiging pangalawang lenggwahe na lang. Bakit ko ba sinasabi ang mga ito, dahil ba Linggo ngayon at walang magawa? Pansin ko na nagiging malikhain ang aking isip pag wala akong magawa o sadyang tahimik ang kapaligiran. Para bang kusang lumalabas ang pagiging mapaglaro o ang naguumapaw na ideya sa aking isipan. Naalala ko tuloy na bago isulat ito, nakapalitan ko ng text ang isang kakilala na taga Batangas. Napaka talinghaga nya kung magsalita na para bang makata.

Marahil ay hanggang dito na lang muna ang aking isusulat. Kayo nang magsabi kung paulit ulit ba ang mga salitang ginamit ko.
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TIDES High [Jul. 12th, 2007|09:28 pm]
[Current Location |Tides Boracay]
[mood |calmcalm]

The Tide is high but I'm holding on..... I'm gonna be your number one.......la la la.

So what if I'm on vacation, I still have the right to write an entry and go online. Well, friends, internet's free here at The Tides so, I might as well make use of their amenities, right? I was told that the grand opening will be on August 10 so I recommend you peeps to come check out their stylish hotel. Not to mention that they have an LCD type tv in their rooms!

This is my first long stay for my vacation. A lot of my French learners tell me that it's short. For them, it is, because they have so many vacation days. A minimum of five weeks and a max of seven or eight weeks depending on the company they work for, or their stay in the company. I hope that I'll have a splendid time here because I really need this break. I hope that the weather will eventually clear for it wasn't good when we arrived.

I'll upload some photos once I've uploaded them. Nevermind if I gained weight, okay? hehe
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BLUE [Jun. 25th, 2007|01:45 pm]
[mood |goodgood]

The color blue is back....for me that is. Lately, my eyes have been feasting on blue colored things. Yesterday, I tried a blue polo shirt at Whoops. I didn't buy it yet because their size small is just right but I want a feel of the medium one before making a decision. Afterwards, I got a great deal at Tutto Moda for a blue Kenneth Cole V-neck shirt. What made it interesting are the pockets on the sides. Imagine wearing a tee that's like a jacket because of the side pockets. My first Kenneth Cole as well:)

I had a lot firsts happened yesterday. It was my first to try facial with seaweed mask too. I like it when someone massages my face. What a relaxing feeling! Not to mention the cold feel of the cream they put on you. I've had facials before but yesterday was the most painful one. I asked the facialist if she got a lot and said that it wasn't many. I guess her hands were just heavy that even with eyes closed, I felt dizzy. Have you guys experienced that? I'm not sure if it was because of that but I can't think of anything else that might have caused it. Of course, tears were already given when I opened my eyes. As they say, beauty has a price!

On we go to the not so good part. I finally put a stop to me and my chekwa, Jayson. I sort of felt bad for leaving him with a look of a kicked puppy. It wasn't working out and to think that I've tried many times. I'm sticking to this decision for good. I know it'll be better and he'll be just fine. I don't want to go in to details because I don't want to feel guilty again:(

On verra (We'll see)...
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Hailed most beautiful.....DEAD! [Jun. 14th, 2007|02:09 pm]
Greta's dead. Yes, my pup Greta, died Tuesday night. It was really a shocker since she was very much okay last Saturday. We noticed that she didn't eat much that day and the following day. I thought that maybe, she felt stressed after her bath Saturday afternoon. It wasn't her first though. I asked my brothers to bring her to the vet Monday for I had work. Would you believe that the vets were on holiday as well. Happy Independence, you guys! Greta was again brought Tuesday even if my little bro refused to bring her for he thinks she's already worse. I told him the more that she should be looked at because of her condition. The wonderful vet didn't exactly treat Greta but he said that judging her appearance, nothing could be done. The virus had already spread and it will just give us false hopes, not to mention expenses. For the record, Greta only stayed at home for a week. We really don't know what happened to her.

Biscuits and coffee, anyone? hehehe.
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Alabanger [Jun. 4th, 2007|01:21 pm]
Now blogging from our satellite office at Plaza B Northgate, Alabang. This is actually my third day here, and I'm just thrilled to finally have moved. I was hesitant at first, for Alabang used to be a notorious place in the past. Much to my surprise, it has eventually improved, I think.

I'll post another entry soon.
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Scandalous! [Apr. 18th, 2007|09:34 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]

I just love being idle at times, and since I have thought of adding another entry, I hope this one gets comments from those concerned.

It has been more than a week since I arrived from Puerto, and I'm still dreaming of the happy days with my friends on the beach. True enough, Puerto Galera is the so-called Sodom and Gomorrah during Holy week. Why, you may ask. It's because instead of reflecting on the sins we've committed, people parade themselves to be feasted on. What's worse is that they go for a meating. Oh, yes, I'm sure you've come across articles or features on how Puerto is on this period. Contrary to what I've been asked, I didn't get laid there. This wouldn't be the first time. Last year, I was also zero but, I didn't really go there to be devoured. I made JM promise that he would avoid the temptation for he is reserving himself for a special someone. I'm not completely sure if he kept his promise, but to my knowledge, he just went as far as flirting or chatting with some "prospects".

Jojo holds the title of having the most number of preys. Don't underestimate the powers of being skin-headed, manly looking, and dark skinned. He's such a Rapunzel for he hooked up with a news anchor. Though their romance lasted when he left Puerto.

Oscar, on the other hand, was tied being a houseband. The poor guy was being watched like a hawk. It was quite annoying because I could see how his partner turned a la Baywatch on him even while he was with us. Better luck next time, dude!

Emman flaunted his nearly yummy bod the moment we arrived. You certainly caught the attention of many when you wore your trunks, my friend. Kudos for working very hard in the gym. You reminded me that I should be active again and lift some weights.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you that staying in our room was rewarding as to what Ali experienced. You should've cleaned the sheets so there wouldn't be any trace of what had happened when we went snorkeling. Damn! You didn't even get dark because you swam late in the afternoon.

New words I learned:

Alay - also known as booking

Choosy - this was used repeatedly

Delight(courtesy of Don) - to display yourself and be feasted on

Witchikels - same as Wit/Wiz which means No

Lostchina - gone/nowhere to be found

Emman, I know you're still learning but please put a rest to these two words. If they could only speak, I'm sure they'll scream your name.

Till we meat again!

Visit http://boyztown/daria.be
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ANACONDA [Apr. 3rd, 2007|05:56 pm]
[Current Location |my desk]
[mood |enragedenraged]
[music |Blue's All rise]

History truly repeats itself. I again was stabbed at the back by my boarder. I just don't see why he had to do it again after what we've been through last year. To feed your curious minds, here's the detail: I was visited last Saturday by Fritz, a friend of a friend. At the time of his visit, my bestfriend and flatmate, as well as our transient, Archie, were there. We'd planned to get a haircut and go to the mall so we tagged Fritz along. Fritz and Archie spent a delicious moment since we were busy doing our shopping. I don't want to elaborate much so I'll cut it short, guys. They exchanged numbers on our way out. They thought we didn't see but, we just let them because it's their business. Fritz still went with us back home since he was meeting up Boj, our common denominator. We watched films, and I guess their plan didn't push through so he sent me an sms if he could stay. I would've said No but, I considered that we tired him and the least we could do is accomodate him. Wait, I take that back because He was well entertained with our stories and good company. Plus, he ate a lot! My gawd, the poor guy doesn't say No to every food he was offered.

Their act happened Sunday nearly lunch time. JM was asleep while I went out because it was a total bore being with them, and I had to eat. Of course, I didn't think that they would strike when the cat is away. I just learned it that night when I did some investigating. You might wonder what I did or how did I do it, let's just say I have my ways. JM decided to confront Archie about this as I was totally oppose to the idea. We awoke him and let him confess. Up to date, I still am not comfortable with the snake I have in my flat. I'm just waiting for April 13 when I'll kick him out of the flat.
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Anong meron ang taong happy? [Mar. 13th, 2007|03:03 pm]
Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. I don't know whether this is true or not, but ever since taking vitamin C again, I'm livelier and happier. For just 5.70 per chewable tablet, I get to increase my immune system, plus more energy to do things. I can't stop humming about Michael V's enervon commercial, though I'm taking another brand.

Saw my ex gf at Rob Galleria en route to work. We had a little chat about what's been happening in our lives, with our batch mates, future plans, etc. Funny that the idea of getting back to her again occured in my mind. Maybe, it's because I've been unfortunate with guys so I thought of this. I remember being with her for only two weeks, and just left her vulnerable. She even tried to cut her wrist because of what happened. Sure it was one hell of an experience! Imagine, your old flame trying to end her suffering because of one stupid prick.

I'll invite her to lunch one of these days......
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rant and rave [Feb. 21st, 2007|04:12 pm]
I met someone last Saturday though I'm not sure if I'm ready to enter in a relationship again. It has been more than a year and a half since my last one. I'm glad that going to a friend's party brought me something good. Seldom that I go to house parties anymore that's why I was quite hesitant to go last Saturday. For now, we're texting and might go out anytime soon. Hope everything goes well because I told myself that I'll find love this year. Waiting for someone to come will be put aside first because it can be tiring to just wait.

Having no cable tv and antenna can really be boring since you have no choice but to watch re-runs of tv series and movies. Beats you more if you have no money to go out. As much as I want to subscribe, I'm not even sure if I'll stay long in my present address. I guess I have to sacrifice as of the moment.

I'll watch Dreamgirls with my friends this weekend. I will also try to buy a little something for myself, though not sure yet. I want to settle my bills first before making a purchase.

Summer's near. Time to shed off some pounds:)
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