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WANTED: Basurero [Jun. 30th, 2008|07:35 pm]
May pera sa basura! I've proven this yesterday after selling an old bed frame and an old bike of my youngest brother. What I got wasn't a goldmine compared to what I expected. It's just amusing that you can turn to your trash when you need cash. That rhymes:-) It started as a way of cleaning up our place. I didn't realize that we had a lot of plastic bottles in our dirty kitchen. Now that's from the c2 and other beverages we've drank.

I got a new haircut. Seldom that I go to those overpriced cutters. I don't think I'm getting any special treatment anyway. The salon that I've been going to is really affordable. I'm lucky that I found a stylist who knows what he's doing. What I don't like is when they expect so much tip. It's not like we're in the States where a 10% tip or more is customary. I heard my stylist ranting Saturday evening because he only received 50 pesos. He was complaining that he did the lady customer's hair for two hours, or maybe more. He shouldn't expect that everyone's a generous tipper. Sigh. I only gave him a 20 because of how he reacted. Serves him right.