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don't get your hopes high! [Feb. 14th, 2008|03:54 pm]
After months and months of no inspiration, I'm back again. I got inspired to write another entry while bathing. I told myself that I have something to say, plus I have a couple of hours break, so I should do it. You know, I always think of something, but I'm not a big fan of typing and having long entries. I'd rather tell someone what I have in mind, than be wary of typos and sometimes, honest grammar mistakes. Oh, yes! I'm no stranger to that. hehe. My fault because I seldom edit my entries, and more importantly I have to read again. I think that most of my readers understand anyway so why bother?

I'm torn because I met two people online. One's twenty one, and the other one's nineteen. I say torn because I've exchanged text messages with both, talked to them over the phone, looked at their photos a million times(alright, that's exaggerating). I was suppose to meet the nineteener(coincidentally my fave number) last night. We were still texting when I woke up, and three hours before the planned meeting. I called and sent him messages, but didn't get any response. I thought that maybe he has fallen asleep again, because that's what he told me when he replied to my message at half past eight in the evening. He got me really excited because of his half german blood, and the tool he possess is really jaw dropping. I think I've encountered a size eight in the past, but I'm not sure if it's really an eight because he's only 5'4. Not to mention that he's not a looker, so to me, I was just after sex. Going back to my story, it really broke my heart because I expected too much. He got my heart pumping because seldom will I experience. I wanted so much to drive to his condo Tuesday night but he said that his dad's there so we'd have to wait for Wednesday. You might wonder whatever happened to the other one? I told myself last night before going to bed that I should just focus on this twenty one year old gym goer nursing student from Binangonan, Rizal instead. Don't get me wrong I also like him. Actually, I never thought that he'd reply to my message because he has a nice physique. He's not the buff type, but because of his frequent visit to the gym, the "lampayatot" he said he was is now the sexy toned guy. I have not tried to call the nineteener since eleven thirty this morning. I just want to move on and just give my 100% to my nursie. I think he's a catch anyway.

Will let you know of the progress.