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tv junkie [Oct. 8th, 2007|04:40 pm]
Today's light schedule is really a relief. This means I can go home early to watch the last few episodes of the ABS CBN Sineserye, Natutulog ba ang Diyos. I'm such a tv junkie that's why I go home early when I can. The last series I finished watching was Visionaries. Does the title ring a bell? Next thing I'd like to watch is Voltron (the lions and not the space ships). It was Peewee who brought us to this shop at Goldcrest (Glorietta), where they sell collectible figures, dvd copies of cartoons, and other stuff. The show's last episode was really a bummer because I didn't even realize that it's already the ending. I wonder if it's really the case because I counted, and it only has 13 episodes. Anyway, I'd better look for Ugly betty on dvd. I don't know why I never paid attention to Betty la fea when it was shown on GMA. I guess it's because of the difference in humor of the Pinoys or the Americans?

Did you know that we only have 78 days more before Christmas?